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island help

EARLY POPTROPICA:Go to the well and go down, there is  a glowstick at the top left grab it. Go to the pit with spiders, get the pig and go left go in the maze and find the egg.Give it to the giant go past him into his garden get the bucket.Go right and get a jetpack  fly up the water tower get the flag talk to all the pixel people they take your items a ship arrives talk to the person on it and you get a medallion.... do the Shark Tooth quest. Shark Island Coming Soon! SHARK TOOTH:go and get the coconut milk then go right.Push the block to the left of the tree,jump on climb up the rope jump on platform.Jump on roof and get the decoder paper.Go in the building at the top left there is a door click on the shark head put in symbols on paper on the head.So it spells open click the nose the door should open.Go through to the dungeon at the bottom left there is a bone,get it.Go to the top left and go left.Get the key ingredient go to Booga Bay get a grass skirt go to the same tree this time go up put on your skirt talk to man he gives you a potion at the bay there is a cannon, use it to shoot the potoin in the shark’s mouth.Go past it and go right.Talk to prof.hammerhead lead him to the mainland he gives you a medallion.... /island-help/time-tangled-island ...TIME TANGLED:First  go to pendulum’s lab and click enter. You will talk to a lady that goes inside.Follow her.Go to the bottom floor and push the plug into the wall.A machine starts to work.Talk to the person you saw outside she will give you a misson printout.Enter the machine and talk to yourself. Ask your future self the last question.You will get a time device.>Mount everest< (man wearing goggles and hood): Get to the top when you’re nearly there icicles will start to fall.Dodge them.At the top you will get the statue of liberty.Click the time device. Travel to >When the statue was built<(man with small beard under man with hood).Walk inside the house on left.Talk to the man inside.He will take your statue.Now jump to the top of the scaffolding.Have a run up and jump to the left.You will land on a platform.Run off the edge and slide onto the platform underneath. You will get the notebook.


3 Responses to “island help”

  1. this is so cool

  2. how do i beat astro knight’s and if you can’t anwser this at least tell me how to get to the dongon.

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