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stuff you might wanna know


CP Players here you are click this link: Advertisements

my person


we were hacked!


ast night we were hacked we tracked the guys that did it and seems to be coming from!

page canceled


The new page is NOT to be released. Sorry, but it is that way. Many of you play CP. Well, we have to admit it is GOOD. posted by TOPB at 20:06 pm

cool cheat


Now, are you beliving the creators blog? Well, we don’t always trust it. WE NOW HAVE A NEW POLL.CHECK THIS OUT. THE LATEST CHEAT ON POPTROPICA, ONLY THE TOPB HAVE IT, THIS SHOULD TURN YOU INTO BIG NATE! NOW AVALIBLE! ( If you can’t do jet ski racing its impossible! )

ned noodle head


 Ned noodle head can be found on super power but is also called the nerd. We think his hairstyle is not avalible any where else. Are page will have both things on the post under and this one, can you guess what it is?

dr hare other costume cheat


 DR hare wears goggles right? Look closely. They are Sir Rebral’s. That is an example of getting clothing from an island that isn’t out yet. The monster carnival leakage, the bat on shark tooth has a super hero costume from super power. A new page is coming soon to now the now official poptropica blog!

bouncing on eggs and island update


Ahhhh!Easter egg hunting is fun,but dangerous on this planet!    From our research an earth travel island is expected 2012 and something called float about island and aqua ocean are all expected.

EasteR AlerT!


Happy easter!an egg hunt will start on the site.We will hide eggs in some places and you can find them!   The header was nothing, hope you like it!

stegdag dnalsi yps (spy island gadgets)


chameleon suit. laser pen. grappling bowtie. laser vision goggles.